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nous-contre-eux said: voice overs are the worst invention ever! they have ruined countless movies for me. i mean what are subtitles for?

Voice-overs are only good for animated films. 

I can only watch foreign films in the original languages with subtitles.  Yes, some of the material gets a little lost in translation still, but the beauty of the original language remains intact. 

French, Spanish, Italian; they’re all beautiful languages, even in highly charged scenes of arguments or fights, but only when the film is meant to be in that language and not dubbed over a film shot in another language.  It doesn’t sync well, because obviously the actors are still speaking in their original languages (so it looks muddled, and I think that’s why people lose the gist of a film, because it’s muddled & confusing).

Hotel Noir arrived in the post today.  And I’m pretty sure the ad for it didn’t state it was the German version.  But, all is okay.  There is the original English sound track on there, as well as the Deutsch.  I couldn’t have been watching Rufus Sewell with a German voice-over…I just couldn’t.

It’d be like watching Jean Dujardin with an English voice-over…

Oscar Pistorius Guilty of Culpable Homicide.

Unless you live in a cave, under a rock, or in a remote part of the world where there is no internet service or television provider, you probably would have already heard by now that paralympic track runner Oscar Pistorius was charged today with the culpable homicide of his girlfriend, model & television personality Reeva Steenkamp.

I’ve given myself time to “process my thoughts” on this event.  Oscar Pistorius was a hero to many, myself included, due to the fact that he was the first double amputee to run in the Olympics in London 2012.  I still remember sitting on my bed, watching him sprint as fast as his prosthesis could carry him.  I remember sitting on my bed, watching him later run in the Paralympics to win gold. 

But, I also remember waking up on Valentine’s Day 2013 to the news of an as-of-that-moment unidentified individual being shot in the track runner’s home.  I remember watching the events unfold.  I remember the images of Oscar Pistorius being led away by plainclothes officers.  I remember the news of him being charged with the killing of Reeva.  I won’t just call her his girlfriend.  She was more than that.  She was a human being, with a future ahead of her, and she has a name.  Reeva Steenkamp.  A name that often gets overlooked in favour of the moniker “his [Oscar’s] girlfriend”. 

Incredulously, the track runner has yet to be sentenced for his crime, instead being allowed to walk free from court to live comfortably at his uncle’s home until October 13th.  If the case had been brought in front of a court in England, the accused would likely be sentenced on the same day that he was charged.  I’ve always maintained that he didn’t set out to murder her that fateful morning, but I’ve also always maintained that he should pay for the crime he did commit.  The crime of firing a handgun four times through a bathroom door under the belief that someone he didn’t know was inside.  If it had turned out to be an intruder, the charges against him wouldn’t be so harsh.  He’d still be called a hero by all accounts, because he took the responsibility to protect himself & Reeva.  Tragically, however, it was Reeva behind that toilet door. 

Whilst one rises to the Heavens, where she can shine bright forever, another falls from his high mantle, to wallow in sin for eternity.  Rest in Peace, Reeva, and may justice find its true course for you soon.


so about this Oscar Pistorius trial…apparently he’s cleared for murder, yet he’s considered guilty for culpable homicide? Isn’t a homicide a murder? 

Culpable Homicide is the equivalent of Manslaughter; manslaughter being a legal term for the killing of a human being in a manner considered, by law, as less than “deserving of blame” than if the accused had committed a murder (an unlawful killing, with malice aforethought).  Basically, the accused had no motive to kill the victim, whose death was an unfortunate end to a situation.

So, Judge Masipa made the decision that Pistorius killed Reeva without malice aforethought, but whilst under the influence of his supposed paranoia & the fear that an intruder was in his home.  He used excessive & unnecessary force, picking up his gun instead of phoning security, but it was stated that, due to him being on his natural legs & not his prosthesis, his “fight” mechanism automatically triggered in place of his “flight” mechanism. 

I don’t agree with this image being used whatsoever.  I don’t care that a lot of people see him as a killer and, therefore, is to be denied any sympathy that might have otherwise been offered to him.  He’s still a human being when all is said & done.  A human being repentant for the crime he’s committed.  Or so I believe.

If this was an ‘ordinary’ citizen, we wouldn’t have all of these images of the trial to begin with.  Especially not of the defendant in the dock, tears & what I can only assume to be mucus streaming down their face.  But, because Pistorius is a high-profile sports personality, his trial has been paraded like a dancing bear in front of the world because of the circus that is the media. 

The media has also been blamed for the acquittal of the murder charges.  Says a lot, doesn’t it?

As for my personal verdict; he’s guilty of culpable homicide, or manslaughter to some countries.  He should face prison-time for this.  He shouldn’t be allowed to walk free; a young woman, with a promising future, had her life cut short by him.  May we never forget, nor overlook, Reeva Steenkamp in all of this.  She is the victim afterall.

People seem to be forgetting something…

Yes, okay, Oscar Pistorius has been cleared of PREMEDITATED murder. 

But, there’s still the culpable homicide charges for the judge to consider (which she is, presently), and the firearms charges (which will come later).

I’ve always believed him to have not killed Reeva intentionally, which is what the Premeditated Murder charge stands for.  If he had set out that morning to deliberately murder Reeva, he would have been found guilty of such intentions.  But, I’ve also always believed that Oscar should not walk away from this an innocent man.  He took a life.  He killed someone.  Not just anyone.  His girlfriend; a young woman in the prime of her life, with so many years still ahead of her.

He needs to be punished for this, or else he might eventually feel like he got away with manslaughter/murder/however-you-want-to-look-at-it.

I was bored and not ready to sleep yet [again], so I decided to find out my Myers-Briggs Personality type.

Mine is apparently INFP, and INFPs are apparently absolute idealists.  They have values inside them which they really want to live by. This makes them good at encouraging other people’s growth, but can cause them to be too hard on themselves. They can be shy and reserved, but they’re incredibly passionate and intelligent individuals with an innate need to change the world.

A few fellow [albeit fictional] INFPs are:

[My favourites are in bold]

To discover which characters share the same personality type as you, go here.  If you don’t know your personality type, firstly go here.

What, in the name of the Winchesters, are Sky Living Playing at Here?

Sky Living won’t be picking up Supernatural for Season 9?!  After eight seasons, they make the decision to drop what is still a popular show?!  After a gripping finale to season 8, which was impressive by all accounts, they won’t be letting UK fans see what happens next to Sam, Dean, and Castiel (though, if they’re on Tumblr, they can probably already get the gist of Season 9)?!


This & these have become two more self-bought gifts for my birthday!

The DVDs were going to be the only ones, but I was lying in bed [unable to sleep] and I wondered about a Supernatural plush.  I was going to go with the Team Free Will bundle from the same seller, but the shipping pushed it too far beyond my budget (even without the 2nd gift bundle).  So, Cas it is.

Because my birthday’s coming up, and I’m likely to be having another rough financial month due to car tax, I’ve decided to treat myself to a couple of presents for myself (selfish, maybe, but I need the little pick-me-up).

The first, and probably in my mind the most important, is The Woodlanders on dvd.  Yes, I have FINALLY gotten a copy of The Woodlanders for less than £25 (just over £18, so I’m glad I held out)!  One of Rufus Sewell’s highest-acclaimed (amongst fans at least) roles, and I will finally be able to join in with the group hugs & gross sobbing (although, I have heard the audiobook as read by Rufus, so I know what to expect).

Present #2 is Hotel Noir on dvd.  Another Rufus Sewell film, but not one of his most well-known cinematic ventures.  That’s probably why I got it for £15, after also holding out a while longer.

I chose these because, like I said, I’m predicting another rough financial month ahead for myself.  If I had the money to spare, I would have treated myself to something off of Sideshow Collectible’s site.

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