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Do Empire Mag know something they’re not telling us? 

They’ve captioned a photo of Rufus Sewell’s Autolycus in the latest Hercules film - in rather ominous surroundings - with “Something tells us he could be the villain.”  Wait, what?  I thought he was a good twat on a horse this time?!  Is he not one of the good guys after all?  I mean, I know he’s often the villain in films, but he has good-guy roles too!  John Murdoch is the hero of Dark City, Aurelio Zen is a detective doing good, Tom Builder (bless him) is good, as is Seth Starkadder (mostly - just some of his *ahem* “hobbies” aren’t).  Rufus has also gone on record in their podcast to say that his Autolycus will be a “good twat on a horse”.  Was he told to lead them on, to not give away the plot of the film?  Or are Empire leading us on? 

And, on a side note, I want to know what name Rufus gave to his horse.  Apparently, they all gave their horses names to help bond with the animals; equine monikers included Hendrix & Stubs.  The article doesn’t delve deeper into this tidbit of info though.  So, we don’t know whose is whose!  Or what the other names were.








Nice test.



I got a unicorn. Hmm…


"Siren. NO!! I am a dragon and this game is wrong wrong wrong."

OOC. I got unicorn. You know what that means, don’t you?

It means I didn’t believe Noah when he brought his arc around and now I’m almost extinct.


I got a demon. 

Does that mean Crowley’s my king? 

Him I wouldn’t mind kneeling for.

I got Demon too…hmm, didn’t think I was all that bad, but there you go!  Maybe it’s underlying, waiting for that perfect moment, and then I’ll reveal my true self…

It would seem that I went a little madder than I thought I would with DVDs the other day.  In all, I bought;

  • Vinyan: Lost Souls
  • Bless the Child
  • Paris, Je T’aime
  • Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel, and Laurence
  • Xtreme Ops
  • Illuminata
  • Higher Love
  • Dangerous Beauty

All technically second-hand, a few with scratches on the discs (so no idea on the play-ability of them), but all great value.  I think people were looking to thin out their own DVD collections, and of course I was looking for Rufus Sewell films.  So, I’ve got a lot more to watch now; still needing to watch his episodes of Parade’s End and John Adams, as well as The Holiday.  Amongst others that don’t feature Rufus at all.  Now, all I need, is a good long weekend or a few weekdays off, so I can watch them all!

Marvel announces that new Captain America will be African-American

I’m seeing a lot of negative comments on this one, about it being too PC, but what’s wrong with Sam Wilson taking up the famous shield?  Sam is a good friend of Steve Rogers, it shouldn’t matter about the colour of his skin!  Yes, Captain America has always been Caucasian in all of his 73 years in publications, but perhaps now is a prime time to change it up a little.  And, I don’t think there’s anything saying that it’s a permanent move. 

Whilst we’re on the subject of Marvel’s changes, let’s talk about the new Thor.  The female Thor.  What’s the problem with that?  Why is that such a bad move?  Yes, Thor is the Son of Odin (not Zeus, as one individual stated in the comments on the article), but Mjolnir bestows the power of Thor on to whomsoever is deemed worthy.  In another universe, Natasha lifted Mjolnir & gained the power of Thor.  I don’t know how they’re going about this other woman becoming Thor, but we’ll see.

Anyway, in a time of political correctness, isn’t it about time where we have more black or female superheroes?  Yes, whilst they could’ve created new characters in an already bustling universe of heroes & villains, the idea that some heroes maybe just need to take a break once in a while (Cap seemingly more than others) doesn’t seem too bad to me.  Fanboys just need to chill a bit.

Anyone have $200 bucks to spend?




Rufus Sewell ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ Signed 8x10 Photo Authentic
by World of Autographs

Rufus Sewell 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' Signed 8x10 Photo Authentic

EDIT: Ben Walker is only $99.99 this, this, this, and this one

$200?!  I’ve just clicked through and it says it’s $119.99, with free shipping.  That’s still a lot of money for a signed photo of an actor who’s still alive!  If it was a prop from the film that he had used & then signed, or he had sadly passed away, then I could understand pricing like that.

Coincidentally, I received an autographed photo today; Rufus as Aurelio Zen, signed in black ink.  It states on the back that it was signed outside “London Theatre, 2013”; he was performing on-stage in Old Times in 2013, so it’s a good possibilty that the signature is by his hand.  The dealer is UACC (Universal Autograph Collectors Club) recommended, which is also reassuring!  The price for this little gem, I hear you ask, was £35 with £3.50 shipping. (And I have another coming from America, of Rufus as John Murdock in Dark City, which was on sale at $48.99 - I got it down to $47 - with $13.37 shipping - and that comes with PSA/DNA authentication).  So, of course $119.99 sounds like a hell of a lot to me!

Good finds! I like the idea of autographs, but I kind of feel like half the fun is the memory of getting them. Like John Barrowman, who just fucking *~sparkles~* like a goddamn fairy tale prince IRL. So I’m not sure I’d buy one on the after-market. (plus hello that auction is over priced.)

Though I’m a little jealous of the Dark City one. ;) I have a bunch of the lobby cards hanging in my room, it would be rad to get one of them signed.

Yeah, I’m always sceptical of those sellers who don’t say they’re AFTAL/UACC recommended, or PSA/DNA authenticated.  Whilst it would mean more if I had obtained it from the actor in person myself, I will probably never meet these people because I’m so far away from London, or other celebrity hot-spots!  So, until that rare opportunity does pop up, these signed photos are my only hope of owning their autograph. 

And those lobby cards sound cool; I’ve got one of the original quad posters for The Woodlanders above my headboard, which would be cool to have signed (but I don’t think that’ll ever happen). :)

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