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Can we just talk about Rufus’s acting for a second here? Because he’s so heartbreakingly perfect in this scene. Tom holds up so well at first:


And then for a split-second, so quick you almost miss it, it’s like it hits him what he’s just said, that he’s “no good to anyone,” that he’ll probably never feel like he deserves his little baby boy that he abandoned, even though he later went back for him:


And then he just:


And I can’t even.



I want a movie about greek gods where hades isn’t the antagonist

By all accounts the antagonist in every Greek Gods movie should be Zeus’s dick. Nothing else causes as much murder and mayhem.

Got my copy of Captain America: The Winter Soldier (DVD) this morning, and it said there’s a pack of Hero Attax trading cards inside (I’m 25 next month, I don’t need these trading cards).  Also inside, is a little flyer claiming these cards are “Available in all good retailers, newsagents, & supermarkets”.  Er, that must mean the shop I’m employed at isn’t a good one.  We don’t have them on sale…yet.  They might come in stock, they should come in stock in my opinion.  They’d be a good sale item, what with Marvel consistently conquering cinemas worldwide.  Just saying…

I’ve been waiting for another morning shift at work for weeks, and I finally got one today! It was actually a full day, but I was still happy. It meant that I had a chance of seeing “Nick” (my name for a delivery driver). And, lo and behold, he turned up. And I swear I caught the hint of a smirk on his face as he said morning.

Now I would’ve been satisfied with just that. But, as I was leaving at four, who happened to be arriving? Only Harry, another crush of mine. I didn’t make it obvious that I knew he was coming down the street, as I walked towards my car. Before I got in, I turned around to see him already looking at me!

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