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Netflix currently has Follow Me: The Yoni Netanyahu Story, which has the subject’s letters as read by Marton Csokas.  This film is, as I understand it, not shown on IMDb in Marton’s filmography, though it shows under a search of his name on Netflix.  He is only narrating, and does not appear in the film, but it’s nice to hear his voice almost natural for a change.  Nothing altering it because he’s playing a character.  He’s simply reading Yoni’s letters.

More on Yoni & his story:  Yonatan Netanyahu

One more shift and then I’ve finally got a day off…one more shift and then I’ve finally got a day off…

Four evening shifts (including one I hadn’t really prepped for as it was cover) in a row is gruelling…and it’s not like I’ve lost sleep in between.  I’ve slept right, not done too much in the daytime, but 4 evening shifts is still hard fucking work!

I was supposed to have a day off yesterday, one I was quite looking forward to after the busy shift the night before, but then I got a call; “We desperately need someone to cover tonight and no one else will do it”.  Why do I always fall for that trick?  They probably hadn’t tried everyone…they were just hoping gullible old me would fall for it again.  And I did!  So now I’ve got to go to work tonight with nearly useless knees & other slightly achy joints because of all the kneeling & slouching I do because of my 6’2 frame!

I tell you, I should’ve handed in my notice instead of an application to become supervisor.  Yeah, instead of being awarded a promotion for five years service, I’ve had to apply like a chump for a higher position in the store that I already fucking work at!!  What the hell is that about?  Have I been misled or do people actually get promotions like they do on TV?

Out of curiosity, following my post earlier regarding the pond at my old house, I took to Google just now (obviously my mind’s a little slow today) to see if I could get a look into the back garden to see if the pond is actually still there.  But, I couldn’t zoom in far enough on maps & satellite imagery was not an option…so I took to the website of the estate agent on the sign outside the house (apparently it’s up for sale again after about seven or eight years - after we lived there from when I was about 2 until I was about 17 or 18).  At first, I thought the photos were recent ones, because it’s been so long since I was last there.  Then, it dawned on me that - actually - I was looking at my old bedroom, exactly as it was before we moved.  And the photos of the pond…they brought back some memories of sitting out on that bridge, watching those fish. 

For the record, I didn’t actually want to move.  I was happy there.  Because of the fish.  We couldn’t move them with us.  And, I still don’t like living where we are now.  I miss that pond, more than I realised until recently.

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