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Yep, can definitely see the sibling connection they were trying to subtly go for with these two characters.  I’ve never seen it before, though, because they’re rarely seen side by side in the film. 

So, is Barts a pseudonym?  It must be.  As, I suppose, Adam & Jack actually are.  If they’re both about 5000 years old that is.  I can’t imagine they were their birth names…and, is Jack the older sibling, or is Adam?  Must be Adam, for he is the one from whom all others are made.  Well, no, he was maybe turned first and then turned his siblings.  Doesn’t mean Adam is the eldest of the three (there is their sister, Vadoma, as well) though.

Sorry, this is the writer peeking out in me.  I might have to explore these thoughts a little more some other time…

vampireadam asked:

At the time I had a KODAK scanner and it, by default, scanned hyper-resolution images that actually distorted a lot of the first attempts. I tried to force it to a lower res since these aren't photos but sketches. It's still a monster of a PDF -390 mb- but I can reupload it to Google Docs and you can give it a look over before you decide if you want to buy a copy. If you want it that is. (2/2)

I’ve already bought a brand new copy on the Amazon marketplace for £5 (it was selling through the main Amazon page for nearly £16, so that’s quite the bargain), but thanks for the offer anyway! :)

I don’t actually mind it being a graphic novel more than an art-book actually, as it sounds like it’ll be useful in understanding the film a little more.  Like how I never realised, until now, that Jack & Adam are supposed to be brothers. It’s never ventured in the film in a way that it’s obvious.  It’s underlying, but remembering scenes now it’s more obvious.  Like the anger Adam feels upon realising Jack has died at the hands of Abraham, when he looks down in the coffin that bears him.  That’s when his efforts to claim America for the vampires ramps up & he tries to make it personal with Abe.  But, the way Adam treats Jack in their first scene together, it’s always made me think that Jack was nothing more than a lackey sent up north due to some insubordinance, whilst Adam ‘lived it up’ in his plantation house in the South with loyal & obedient Vadoma.  And it makes more sense why Henry includes Jack with Vadoma & Adam in that slideshow - in order of ranking as well.  There are no others shown on-screen in that scene, except those three.  That one family.  And, of course, there are those similarities between the two actors that allow for that sibling connection to be made.  They look somewhat similar, what with the curly dark hair; enough so that they might just pass for brothers.

(Rambling again - well, no, I’m enthusing a little too much again.)

Okay, so I start following the Aaron Tveit tag again, because I’m getting back into Graceland (having had work mess up my original viewing schedule on season 1), and I find that the Americans on the tag have already seen about 6 eps of season 2!!  That’s not fair!  I’ve only just watched E7 of S1 today!!  And, OMG!!  It’s all starting to come out of the woodwork now!  What I’ve allowed myself to see of Season 2, whilst avoiding spoilers, looks more intense than what S1 is playing out to be right now (for me at least).  I’m not sure I’ll cope with more teary-eyed Aaron on my TV screen!

This is one of those times I wish I was an American, or at least in America.  They get the seasons of the good shows before us (in England)!

*slow clap* You should take a glimpse at the art book if you can get it or download it. It gives a touch more characterization. He’s a fun character to play with; he’s like clay that you can mold a story around since he’s not given much of his own.
Art book?  I never thought about there being an art book, although it looks more like a graphic novel from what I’ve seen.  I always love to have the art books of my favourite films, so this will be another to add to my collection. 
But, yes, Adam is like that fresh lump of clay on the wheel.  Waiting to be molded into some beaten, beautiful, tortured, or twisted work of art.  I always get the urge to write a story about him, when I watch the film or listen to the soundtrack. 
Though the film itself was a little weak in places, Adam was a fine example of a villain that wasn’t too villainous.  He was out to better the lives of his brethen, not for personal gains.  If he had been, he would’ve killed Abraham at the first chance he got.  Instead, he always wanted to bring Abraham on his side. He wanted to change Abraham, or “spoon-feed” him “his friend” and send him on his merry little way again. 
He never wanted to kill Abraham.  If he had, he would have fought him personally and ended the job there.  Jack was only killed because he was to go after Mary, and Abe stopped him.  Adam could’ve had Jack finish what he’d started at the docks before Henry came along.  He didn’t.  He sent Jack after Mary instead.  Adam wanted to break Abraham and then bring him on to his side, to make the nation the land of the vampires with his help.  Even Henry couldn’t get Abe to allow himself to live forever in the end.  
Sorry, I’ve hijacked this as a way of continuing my post from earlier!  But, whilst I’ve been at work, I’ve thought of more to write about him!  Adam is one of those unforgettable characters, one of those loveable villains that you can almost sympathise with when you realise he’s not out for himself. 

jamisings asked:

Thing is, with a less grand ending, it would make it more believable for it to be that Adam survived for a sequel. "You think a pocket watch of silver is enough to kill me, Abraham? You need a lot more silver than that to be rid of me."

I know the film ended with that ambiguous ending for Henry, with him sitting at a bar centuries’ later and asking the man next to him the same thing he had asked Abraham all those centuries before, but what would have made it even better was an end-of-credits scene.  Back at the still-smoking wreckage of the bridge & the train and everything is silent & still, as the camera zooms in to focus on the carriage that landed on Adam, when suddenly a wounded right hand bursts through the rubble.  On the fourth finger is that familiar ring.  Then, blackness.

Even if there is never a sequel, it would have made for a greater end scene for Adam than the one he got.  Like I’ve said over & over again, it just seemed too lazy in my opinion.  Too quick & easy.  Especially without that subtext at the end, although we do have to question why Henry is looking for a new “disciple”.

I’m sitting here, listening to the ALVH soundtrack, and can’t help but think that I was lying the other day when I said John Murdoch is my favourite Rufus Sewell character.  Adam is, if I’m honest.  I mean, yes, in Dark City we are given a glimpse of naked Rufus just after a bath, and John has his good points.  But, Adam is a vampire.  And vampires are often quite seductive beings.  Those who are still relatively human at least.  There are the occasional ones that resemble something more extra-terrestrial, but let’s forget them. I’m going to continue under the break, as it turns out I have quite a bit to say on the matter, again, and I don’t suppose a lot of my followers will want a long essay purely about Adam on their dashboards.

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